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Quality porn shot on location in Incredible Asia.  We bring the hottest Asian models onto your desktop.  Everyone knows the Asians 'love you long time' so feast your eyes on these oriental jewels.  If you have the money to spend LIVE girls are available on webcam, and if you're on a tight budget then you can get a trial membership to these sites from only a buck.  Where do you want to go for porn today?  Thailand, Japan, India, China, Cambodia, Korea, Philippines, it's all available here.

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Our specialist photo crew set up shop in Bangkok, Thailand to capture the natural Asian beauty of the easy going hot girls.  Venturing to Nana Plaza, still the place to be for the best go-go and pool bar action in South East Asia and the only multistory Red Light District in the world.  Pat Pong and Soi Cowboy were other popular haunts of our adventurous crew.  They stayed away from the Khao San Road area although told us back in America about Thewet (pronounced Tay Wet) and the ease with which they navigated this SEA hub using the river and klong (canal) boats.  Using tuktuks, small motorized cars for taxiing them quickly to the best bars around town.  When out of cities the crew caught samlors and songtows, utes and minivans to transport their cameras.  The islands of Thailand are a very groovy place to catch that authentic desert island tan.  The local girls offer world famous Thai massage, literally and not the sex for money that some foreigners expect, on the beach for 40 baht ($1.35) for a very relaxing hour of being fondled.  Blow a little money and you can hire Bangkok working girls to travel with you to the islands.  Try to travel a little bit more rough and check out the more distant islands and places, it's worth the effort.  These vacation destinations are so good that word spreads and then they get too popular to be cool for the Hippie Trail desert island seekers.  You could still try the less popular Koh Chang (Elephant Island) in a beautiful, almost untouched marine reserve area the Eastern Trat province.  Try to get a snorkel if not a full dive in.  In 1995 it didn't have much electricity or roads but word has it that it's even got a 7-11 now.  Koh Lanta Yai is still fairly under-developed and so a more calm island with less louts.  The more popular islands are Koh Phang Ngan, Koh Samui and Koh Samet, featuring the monthly, wild full moon beach parties.  Another southern island, Koh Pi Pi is the James Bond island where they filmed the movie.  It's not exactly legal but up in the north of Thailand in the notorious Golden Triangle area, the triangle of upper Thailand, Myanmar (Burma) and Laos which is the SEA hub of opium production, tales are that opium flows freely as does a spliff of marijuana from crops grown locally.  You can get close with a low cost, few day trekking expedition up in the northern areas of Pai and Chiang Mai.  You can even find cannabis fields on Google Streetview!  Check out a Lonely Planet book from your local library for more info on traveling Asia.  Guns are commonplace, look out for the 'No Guns' sign at the train station, and beware as the national sport of Thailand is Muay Thai or Thai Kickboxing – check how flat their shins are.  Everyone smokes Krungthep (Bangkok in Thai) cigarettes (tho Farangs, foreigners, can still get their fave US brand smokes and fake designer brands like YSL) and drinks Sangtip Thai whiskey when their not downing Singha beers from the local Boon Road brewery.  Staying away from dope when you're in the capitol will help keep you out of the infamous Bangkok Hilton jail and having some $100s in your wallet could always come in useful in sticky situations.  If you're looking for a good eat, you can always try a Green Curry made with the local Birds Eye green chillies, a spicier Red Curry made with red chillies, or Jeffy's fav the luxurious Penang Curry.  Street stalls in Bangkok sell cheap noodle soup, spice it to taste using the everyday Nam Pla anchovy sauce and chilli flakes.  Another quick and very tasty snack is the Tom Yam soup.  Check your local Asian supermarket for the Knorr stock cubes to make this at home in the US of A.  You can get pineapple with a chilli sugar from street vendors, even on the touristy Khao San Road and it tastes better than it sounds.  Chief photographer Jeffy has some great stories he tells about the little known Terramay bar where the go-go girls hang out after work.

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